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Bring balance, peace, and harmony to your mind, body, and soul. Manifest your dreams into reality with the power of intention and rituals of light.


This workshop will teach you how to set powerful intention, learn ways to manifest dreams into reality and discover powerful rituals for attracting desired outcomes. You will clear your energy, raise your vibrations and manifest your desires.


Aura cleanse, chakra balance, raise of vibrations, manifestation rituals and a gift.


Early bird special 80$/person, 100$ at the door.




Oasis Wellness Centre #2- 1111 Austin Ave., Coquitlam


Cleanse, balance, and raise vibrations to improve your emotional, mental, physical, and energetic health.

Spring 2024


Women's Empowerment Workshop

Self Empowerment, Social Empowerment, Work Empowerment, Financial Empowerment

Coming Spring 2024

Past Life Regression Group Therapy

Take a journey to your past and discover who you are. Gain clarity, insight and understanding about your past. Make peace with your past and overcome trauma. Discover the truth about your past and better understand your present.


You will be guided to access your memories that are stored deep within your subconscious mind though hypnosis. Your soul will astral travel back to the past while your physical form will remain here. You will be in a light trance but still aware of your surroundings, while fully engaging in the past. You will access memories that are currently have an effect on your present  life. The group will be guided to the past, will remain there for about an hour, then will return to the present time. After the return you will journal down everything you have observed, learned, understood and sees. Afterwards you will have a choice to share your journey and ask questions as well. At the end of the regression the group will receive guidance on what to expect afterwards and what to do to support your healing journey. At the end of the group therapy everyone will receive a personal past life reading where your guides will tell you something about your past that they want you to be aware of and understand.  At the end you will be able to understand who you were, how the past effects you and your life so that you can choose to accept, make peace and detach.

WHAT DO YOU GET: You will gain new perspective and deep understanding of yourself and  your life. As well you will discover  your purpose, life's lessons and challenges. You will also be able to come to realization of how your past effecting you, your life and your relationships, possibly leading to change in the present and better future. You will also meet mind like souls and receive a lot of knowledge about your past, spirit realm and your akashic records. Plus you will get to know about all of your lives in the past and where is your origin from.

CAN ANYONE BE REGRESSED: No not everyone can be hypnotized or do a life regression. If your soul believes that you are not ready or if your analytical mind gets in a way, then you may not be able to access memories from your subconscious mind or astral travel to the past. It is important for you to know why you want to do this, set intentions and be open to it. I also suggest you learning more on the topic of past life regression and astral travel.

HOW TO PREPARE YOURSELF: learn more on the topic of past life regression on watch a video. Write down any questions you may want to address during the regression. Do not consume any alcohol, caffeine or sugar a day of the regression and get a good nights sleep. Feel free to bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow or anything else with you. Wear comfortable clothing that is weather appropriate. You can also bring some water or other drinks that are caffeine and sugar free.

WHEN IS IT: August 5thst, 2023. ( Spots are limited so reserve 1 week in advance )

WHERE IS IT: Oasis Wellness Centre located at #2 - 1111 Austin Ave., Coquitlam (upstairs, first door on your left) HOW MUCH IS IT: 200/pp (value 300$). You can send etransfer to: or pay online using paypal or credit card.